Does WiFi Cause Cancer


One more crazy, tinfoil hat health concern has popped up, and with any luck, it’ll be shattered before it gets any steam. UK scientists have announced that there isn’t any research to show that there’s more danger from having a Wifi router in your home than from having a television-and no, that doesn’t mean that…

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Correct ICD 9 Code for Knee Pain


ICD 9 code for knee pain is not a very familiar term for common people and is mostly used by doctors or patients who are looking for a solution to knee injuries. These codes are used and implemented by medical professionals to understand the condition of the patient and the treatment done or required for…

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Blood Pressure Chart


With high blood pressure being one of the main causes of fatalities in the world, today more and more people are becoming concerned with their pressure readings. However, remarkably few people understand what their blood pressure readings mean and what an acceptable level of blood pressure is. There is also poor awareness when it comes…

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Alcohol, Smoking and High Blood Pressure

There are various reasons for increased blood pressure. Two of the most significant factors to high blood pressure levels are smoking and drinking. Although smoking is closely related to cancer, smoking is also one of the main causes of elevated blood pressure levels. Smoking increases blood pressure by five to ten millimeters a day. Although…

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Relationship Between Alcohol and Blood Pressure

Blood pressure increases and decreases during a person’s lifetime due to temporary reasons. Certain factors increase blood pressure while others decrease blood pressure. In certain cases, the high or low blood pressure tendencies can become permanent and will need to be treated medically. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of high blood pressure on a…

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A Guide to Natural Cures for Infant Colic

If you have a baby with that suffers from colic, you’re probably desperate to find a solution to end the problem – for both the peace of your baby and yourself. Many over-the-counter remedies don’t work as claimed, and natural alternatives are generally more effective and preferable. Read on for some things you can try…

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How to Cope with Parental Rejection

How to Deal with Being Rejected by Your Parents by Iris DeBlasio If you’re like me there will be times in your life like your childhood and adulthood, or maybe a few times, when you’ll bring someone home to meet your folks for the first time and to your agony things won’t go so well…

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Posture Throughout the Day

How to Improve Your Posture Posture is so important for us because good posture is the foundation for a lot of things in life. It affects our back and spine health, how the world perceives us, the quality of our exercises, and good posture can even make you look 10 pounds thinner! Here are five…

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